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This is about my journey as a person, reflecting on the past and documenting what’s going on as I venture into my 4th decade on this planet.

I have a big job title, chairman of the board.

After wearing the title for over a year now, the fit still doesn’t feel right. Technically i am responsible for about 6000 employees of the Company around the world, but i am not responsible for anything in particular. I wonder if that’s how the Queen of England feels too. Everyone is her subject, but she can’t really make any decisions.

I don’t always feel this useless really. There have been many incidents where i could understand and appreciate the role i play and i could see the impact that my role can have. But on a day like this, when i don’t have any meetings to attend, i feel useless.

Day 2 of quarantine. Something must have gone wrong in my head.

I had too specific a dream that i woke up feeling sad and down.

I was with a group of friends and they were all ignoring me. I felt excluded from the group. It feels so ridiculous to even type down those words. But i remember the hurt and the pain from the dream still.

Something must have gone wrong in my head. Quarantine day 2.

On the first day of a 14-day quarantine here in Taichung, my 3rd and final quarantine of 2020 in Taiwan, I find it a very fitting time to start this project, Arc 28.

Arc 28 is my attempt to document my life. As i just turned 41 last month, i want to be able to remember what i was thinking and going through by the time i have nothing but memories to go by. (Hopefully Medium will still be around by then.)

To start though, what better time to walk down the memory lane as i am sitting here alone…

Arc 28

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